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Service in the City

The Service in the City community initiative was launched in 2005 at the Berlin Governing Mayor’s Tourism Round Table. Since then, the initiative has brought together representatives of Berlin’s economy, the Berlin Senate and the city’s tourism sector to make Germany’s capital city even more attractive for visitors and locals in terms of cleanliness, an open, cosmopolitan outlook, safety, noise abatement and service. Naturally, all these various thematic areas with their related measures are also part of sustainability and enjoying the city.

Service in the City acts as a strong network initiative with selected, long-term projects relevant for the tourist sector. In this spirit, Service in the City has also developed projects encouraging civic involvement among local residents – from community clean-ups in local neighbourhoods to the team of Berlin volunteers guiding visitors during the celebrations marking the fall of the Berlin Wall.

The choice of projects follows clearly defined criteria to ensure a unified appearance and a results-oriented approach. The criteria are summarised in our ‘golden rules’ (in German), available as a download at the bottom of the page.

Where you can find us

Since September 2013, visitBerlin has been the initiative’s central project coordinator. The objectives here include establishing tourism partnerships and – together with the HIER IN BERLIN project – also increasingly address Berlin’s residents as a distinct target group. The initiative’s main office is integrated into visitBerlin’s Cultural Affairs & Tourism Partnerships unit.


  • Senate Department for Economic Affairs, Energy and Public Enterprises
  • Berlin Partner for Business and Technology
  • BVG (Berlin public transport services)
  • DEHOGA Berlin
  • Berlin Chamber of Commerce (IHK)
  • Berlin Brandenburg Airports (FBB
  • Handelsverband Berlin-Brandenburg e. V.
  • Berliner Stadtreinigungsbetriebe (BSR)
  • Berlin Tourismus & Kongress GmbH
  • Service in the City is also supported by many Berlin companies, associations and interest groups actively committed to Berlin as an attractive metropolis.

Service in the City projects

In selecting and realising a wide range of projects, the Service in the City community initiative also takes Berlin residents themselves into account as a target group.

An overview of our projects

Our Projects

  • #AugenAufBerlin

    Open your eyes - Get involved - Make a change! Working together for an even cleaner city!

    #AugenAufBerlin, a Service in the City initiative, sets out to encourage grass-roots activities focused on taking up individual responsibility to enhance the cityscape, and heighten environmental awareness.

    You want to know more? We have further information about the project here.

  • Better World Cup

    Make the world a little better!

    Each year, Berliners consume 170 million disposable cups. They fill the city's streets, parks and public places and cost valuable resources such as trees and water. But it does not have to be that way. That's why Service in the City is supporting the Better World Cup initiative, which seeks to motivate Berliners to make the switch reusable cups. For the less waster, cleaner streets and more coffee pleasure from reusable cups.

    More information about the movement and all participatiing refill stations can be found under BETTER WOLRD CUP.

  • The Service in the City language portal

    Learn to get by in seven languages, and brush up the language skills you already have. Practice with phrases and vocabulary lists in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Polish and Chinese specifically designed for the retail trade, gastronomy, tourism and transport.

    In each of the languages, you can find the standard expressions for greeting customers, giving advice, payment and saying goodbye, complete with a pronunciation aid. In addition, six basic terms in each of the languages can also be viewed in sign language.

    The Service in the City language website is available free of charge via, and is supported by motus GmbH and CrossOverPoint Media GmbH, the Flughafen Berlin-Brandenburg GmbH, the Arbeitsgemeinschaft City West and Partnerhotels e.V.

Completed projects (selection)

  • Clean and Green Berlin

    Local volunteers for a cleaner Berlin

    Locals  and visitors all love Berlin’s green spaces! From 2014 to 2016, the Service in the City initiative, together with visitBerlin, called for regular community clean up days to promote a cleaner Berlin.

    Partners are pitiching in to help clean up the litter in Berlin's green spaces and parks, such as Boxhagener Platz, the Kreuzberg Planufer and Monbijoupark. Conversations had with locals also help to promote greater mindfulness of the environment and thus create an even more beautiful city.

  • Berlin volunteers for the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Wall

    Volunteers out and about

    The celebrations for the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall attracted over one million visitors, and involved a 12km light installation along the former border and 8,000 balloons floating upwards. Yet the figures alone can hardly convey the mood in the festivities during the weekend around 9 November 2014. The entire city turned out for the event, marvelling at the ‘border of light’ – and they were joined by visitors from around the world. We have collected the outstanding moments of the celebrations at The 11 Best Moments.

    The Berlin Volunteers
    Over that weekend, the Berlin volunteers made a very special contribution to the festivities. They were a huge support throughout the entire celebrations, out and about along the ‘border of light’ between Brandenburg Gate and Potsdamer Platz, and along the East Side Gallery. With maps, brochures, the weekend programme and gummi bears at the ready, they tirelessly helped tourists with directions and answered their questions. Moreover, the around 40 volunteers shared one important feature – they all had their own personal stories of the Wall to tell, and readily shared them with interested visitors and locals. Read a selection of Wall Stories here: Personal Stories of the Berlin Wall

    Roll camera! The Berlin volunteers video
    During the celebrations for the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Wall, a film crew accompanied the Berlin volunteers at their work. Berlin Volunteers Video