Destination Mgt & Corporate Development

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We are responsible for strategic planning, for steering the company’s operations, and for internal processes such as priority setting for interdepartmental projects. Our remit also includes market research and statistics as well as visitBerlin’s central management of crisis situations.


Sabine Wendt ©  visitBerlin

Sabine Wendt

Director Destination Management & Corporate Development I COO I Procurist

Nina Zantout ©  visitBerlin

Nina Zantout

Head of Strategy and Deputy Director Destination Management & Corporate Development I
Sustainable Tourism Development I Crisis Management

Sophia Quint ©  visitBerlin

Sophia Quint

Head of Market Research

Berenike Klein ©  visitBerlin
Cornelia Ibbeken ©  visitBerlin

Cornelia Ibbeken

Market research

Luisa ©  visitBerlin

Luisa Mentz

Sustainability Manager & Project lead

Yasmin Henrich ©  visitBerlin

Yasmin Henrich

Projektmanager Sustainable Tourism Berlin

Jennifer Fortdran ©  visitBerlin

Jennifer Fortdran

Senior Manager Tourism Strategy & Strategic Partner Support