Berlin Tourist Info Centres

Flyer advertising, promotional commercials and floor graphics

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Berlin Tourist Info Centres

For visitors to the city, our Berlin Tourist Info Centres offer a first stop for expert and comprehensive advice on how to enjoy Germany’s capital to the full – a service attracting over 1,400,000 customers every year. 

Our Berlin Tourist Info Centres can be found at prime tourist hotspots in the city – from Tegel BER, the Central Station (Hauptbahnhof) to the Brandenburg Gate. At these locations, we are optimally positioned to advise Berlin visitors and book their event tickets, hotel accommodation and city and boat tours. 
You too can leverage our strong visitor numbers and frequent customer contact for yourself.

Hire leaflet holders for your flyers

Present your flyer (in DIN long format) at the prominent leaflet dispensers in our Berlin Tourist Info Centres. These wall-mounted leaflet holders are near the advice counter and in direct view of visitors. In this way, our team in the Centres can directly pass information on your services to interested customers.

Our flyer service is easy to use. You deliver your flyers to our distributor and they arrange the rest. They deliver to the Berlin Tourist Info Centres and check at least once a day that your flyers are properly displayed. If the Centres appear to be running out of your flyer, you are informed in good time to supply additional flyers so they can be continually displayed.

Central Station (Hauptbahnhof), Brandenburg Gate:
€110 per month plus VAT
Minimum period: 1 month

BER Airport:
€89 per month plus VAT
Minimum period: 1 month

Active flyer distribution

When advising customers, the staff in the Berlin Tourist Info Centres offer your flyer actively and exclusively. In addition, your flyer is on our advice counters for the time period booked. This, naturally, is not a guarantee that visitors take your flyer with them. Active flyer distribution can be arranged at all our locations and is a service limited to one customer per week at each location.

Fee: €300 plus VAT per week
Rhythm: bookable weekly, or for several weeks
Other details: Only one customer per week

Advertising spot

Present your promotional ad (max. 30 seconds, without sound) on one of our HDTV screens in our Berlin Tourist Info Centres at the Central Station (Hauptbahnhof), Brandenburg Gate, BER Airport. Your advertising spot will be shown six times an hour on screens in direct view of waiting customers. Your promotional ad must be agreed in advance with visitBerlin, and can be on the screens in the Berlin Tourist Info Centres just one hour later.

Fee: €400 per month plus VAT
Formats: Pal 16:9, 1920x1080 pixel as a file in MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 or AVI format
Production: Advertising partners bear the entire production costs.
Minimum screening period: 1 month

Floor graphics

Floor advertising is an innovative medium for an unusual yet memorable point-of-sale presence. Floor graphics offer eye-catching advertising when people are waiting or walking, since they are placed exactly where potential customers look. By installing your floor graphics in our Berlin Tourist Info Centres in Berlin’s Central Station or the Europa Center, you can gain our customers’ attention for your services immediately they walk in, and achieve a strong advertising effect.

Fee: €200 per week / location plus VAT 
Production: Advertising partners are responsible for the production and installation costs.

Our Berlin Tourist Info Centres

Central Station (Hauptbahnhof)
Ground floor, Europa Platz entrance
daily 9am–9pm

Brandenburg Gate
South gatehouse
daily 10am––6pm*

Airport BER: Berlin Brandenburg WelcomeCenter
Terminal A,
daily 9am–4pm

*Extended opening hours April to October


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