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We serve the company’s central communication channels.

The colleagues in the media team are the first point of contact for media and bloggers and support them in their reporting on Berlin, whether with enquiries, interviews or press appointments. Our media service for you.

Susanne Schreiber ©  visitBerlin

Susanne Schreiber

Divisonal Management of Marketing

©  Die Hoffotografen GmbH

Silke Hach

Marketing Manager/Communications

Christian Tänzler ©  visitBerlin
Tobias Maul ©  visitBerlin

Tobias Maul

Referee Press & Public Relations

Katharina Zierenberg ©  visitBerlin

Katharina Zierenberg

Referee Corporate Communications

Elzbieta Latacz ©  visitBerlin

Elzbieta Latacz

Creative Director & Campaign Strategy

Julia Aurich ©  visitBerlin

Julia Aurich

Senior Marketing Managerin

Lea Kim Binger ©  visitBerlin

Lea Kim Binger

Marketing Manager Campaigns

Aurélie Vollbrecht ©  Die Hoffotografen GmbH

Aurélie Vollbrecht

Junior Marketing Manager

Kristin Buller ©  visitBerlin

Kristin Buller

Team leader content creation

©  Die Hoffotografen GmbH

Josefine Köhn-Haskins

Content Editor

Catrin Linde ©  visitBerlin, Foto:
Dagmar ©  visitBerlin

Dagmar von Schönfeld

Content Editor & Senior Key Account Manager Culture

Katharina Mörl ©  visitBerlin

Katharina Mörl

Team Leader Digital Performance

Haiyan Yao ©  visitBerlin

Haiyan Yao

Online Marketing Manager | Digital Analyst Online Marketing

Maxi-Lena Schuleit ©  visitBerlin

Maxi-Lena Schuleit

Senior Social Media Manager

Sarah Grolik ©  visitBerlin

Sarah Grolik

Social Media Managerin / Digital Content Creative

Julia Rathke ©  visitBerlin

Julia Rathke

Social Media & Online Marketing Manager

Tanith Brauner ©  visitBerlin

Tanith Brauner

Social Media Marketing Manager

Carolin Kocher ©  visitBerlin

Carolin Kocher

Online Marketing Managerin - E-Mail-Marketing & SEO

Lisa Klakow ©  visitBerlin

Lisa Klakow

Online Marketing Managerin

Janine Blechschmidt ©  visitBerlin

Janine Blechschmidt

Team Leader Graphic Design & Production

Doreen Himsl ©  visitBerlin

Doreen Himsl

Service photos and films