Berlin Service Center Direct marketing during travel planning

Direktmarketing: Call Center

The Berlin Service Center provides visitors with expert, up-to-the-minute advice on events and activities in the city as well as information on a wide range of tourism services. Every year, the Berlin Service Center receives up to 100,000 phone enquiries and answers up to 50,000 emails. Here, you have the opportunity to reach customers already in the phase of planning their trip to Berlin.

On-hold advertising for callers to the Berlin hotline

Integrating your advertising (DE/EN) in Wave or MP3 format with your sound logo in the visitBerlin hotline call distribution.

Duration: at least 1 month

Announcement: max. 60 seconds

Format: Wav or MP3

Languages: DE/EN

Fee: from €350 per month plus VAT

We require an advertising announcement that is already pre-produced. When a partner agency produces the advertising message, we also need information on the text/content as well as GEMA status (if music or a sound logo are also supplied).

Services during telephone advice and booking (inbound)

Already booked from May 2016 - October 2017!

The Berlin Service Center is a professional partner for customer dialogue as part of tourism projects such as, for example, the “Information hotline for tours of Olympiastation (Olympic Stadium) Berlin”. We inform and advise customers and make bookings based on your own portfolio of services and products.

Fee: Varies depending on the project cost estimate

Add an imprint to booking reservations (exclusive) (pull-out insert)

Including a partner logo and advertising copy (DE/EN) on booking confirmations from visitBerlin’s own reservation system.

Duration: 1 month minimum 

Length: 500 characters (as a Word file)

Logo: jpg, format 3:2

Fee: €300 per month plus VAT

Subject to revision.


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