Numerous exhibitions and events in Berlin

100 Year Anniversary of the First World War

Berlin, 27. Juni 2014 Tomorrow is the 100th anniversary of the assassination of Franz Ferdinand. This was the trigger for the First World War. For Berlin, this important date is an opportunity to confront the past. Throughout city, there are numerous cultural offerings on the First World War.

Commemorative concert in the Cathedral and exhibition in the German Historical Museum

The Berlin Cathedral is organising a commemorative concert for the First World War on the 28th June 2014, at 8pm. Soloists, Berlin choirs and the New Prussian Philharmonic and the Filharmonia Szczecin interpret "War Requiem" by Benjamin Britten. For more information and tickets, please visit

The exhibition "1914-1918 Der Erste Weltkrieg" ("1914-1918 The First World War") is on at the German Historical Museum until 30th November 2014. The only large German exhibition on the events of the war is focusing on the global scale of the First World War and has approximately 500 exhibits. The exhibition is accompanied by various additional events with panel discussions and presentations. The armoury cinema is also showing documentaries and feature films on the First World War. More information is available here.

The exhibition "Mahnung und Verlockung - Die Kriegsbildwelten von Käthe Kollwitz und Kata Legrady" ("Warning and Allure - the war imagery of Käthe Kollwitz and Kata Legrady") is on at the Käthe-Kollwitz Museum Berlin from 30th June to 9th November 2014. Käthe Kollwitz was personally affected by the First World War as her son Peter was killed in 1914. The artist's work focuses on the grievances of the war again and again. Further information is available here.

More Events

The play "Gefährten" ("War Horse") tells the story of am English boy and his horse in the middle of the First World War. The Theater des Westens is conducting a commemorative performance on 28th June 2014, at 7.30pm. The play runs until the 28th September 2014. More on „Gefährten“ ("War Horse") here.
Multimedia commemoration: Video bus tours on the First World War are taking place on 28th June at 1.30 pm and from 1st to 3rd August. The two-hour long tour special tours start on "Unter den Linden" boulevard and pass Berlin buildings and squares that were important in the First World War. An explanatory video will accompany the tour. Information is available at
Many other Berlin establishments are also commemorating the First World War this year. An overview of all events can be found at