From Humboldt to Einstein

In 2010 Berlin celebrates the Year of Science

Berlin, 30 October 2009 Next year the German capital is entirely given over to the sciences. The anniversaries of five of its oldest and most renowned scientific institutions prompted the city to stage a joint Berlin Year of Science. The Humboldt University celebrates its 200th anniversary, the Staatsbibliothek Berlin (state library) its 350th anniversary, the Charité its 300th anniversary, the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences its 300th anniversary and the Max Planck Society its 100th anniversary. The theme year “Berlin – Capital of Science 2010” highlights the diverse links between Berlin and the sciences.

Berlin can look back on a long tradition as a science location and in future, too, it will continue to be a science location of regional, national and international importance. During the theme year 2010 “Berlin – Capital of Science”, all scientific institutions in the city and surrounding area - in addition to the anniversary ones – are invited to take part. More than 150 events are already entered in the events diary for the Year of Science.
One highlight is the “Long Night of the Sciences” on 5 June 2010. In laboratories, libraries and auditoria visitors can experience science first hand. Lectures, presentations and experiments are also on the programme of the “cleverest night of the year” along with games, music and theatre.

The central event of the Berlin Year of Science 2010 is the exhibition “Universal Knowledge. 300 Years Science in Berlin” in the Martin Gropius Building. From 24 September 2010 to 9 January 2011 this exhibition will showcase Berlin’s 300 year history of the sciences, a history of outstanding scholars, Nobel Prize laureates and groundbreaking discoveries. Gottfried Wilhelm Leibnitz was just one the great universal scholars in Berlin. Albert Einstein completed his general relativity theory here. Konrad Zuse built the first computer in Berlin.
From 6 to 15 October 2010 the anniversary institutions extend an invitation to a joint anniversary week. Besides conferences and exhibitions, there will also be concerts, theatre performances and festival events on the programme.

Further information on the Year of Science 2010 is available at the information desk of the Berlin Convention Office at EIBTM in Barcelona, an exhibitor on the Germany stand or online at,,

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