Whether in hotels, restaurants or on the street right now – Berlin has star quality

40 new capital stars

Berlin, 10 September 2010 From now on Potsdamer Platz has its very own Walk of Fame. Following Hollywood’s example, the “Boulevard of Stars” pays tribute to German-language film and television history over the last 150 years. A tribute is paid, amongst others, to the actor Armin Mueller-Stahl and the director Wim Wenders. Since mid July 2010 40 stars have been put in place on the new boulevard along Potsdamer Straße, a further 110 are to follow over the next few years.

The luxury segment of Berlin’s hotel industry boasts some 50 stars. A total of 10 hotels have been given a five-star rating by DEHOGA, the German hotel and restaurant association. A further 12 hotels meet the criteria for this segment. This means that the city can offer guests 22 luxury establishments.

Astronomy on the Berlin restaurant horizon, too: 12 Michelin stars currently sparkle in Berlin restaurants – more than in any other German city. The 11 award-winners include executive chef Christian Lohse from “Fischers Fritz” who has secured two stars for the third consecutive year.

The leading light in Berlin’s star constellation is “Cosmorama” in the district of Prenzlauer Berg. The projector in the large Zeiß planetarium gets around 10,000 artificial stars to twinkle. Experience “Cosmorama” in action, for example on 29 September for “Jazz under the starry skies” and in October and November for the “Radio play cinema under the starry skies”.

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