www.clubmatcher.de – visitBerlin launches new website

New guide through Berlin's club scene

Berlin, 17 May 2011 Guests of the German capital can now immediately find the right, matching club: on www.clubmatcher.de night revellers receive information about the Berlin club scene in only a few steps. This so far unique website was launched by visitBerlin in co-operation with the Clubcommission Berlin.

The 'Clubmatcher' presents the eight most important stereotypes of the Berlin club scene in English – from the "Hipster" through the "DJ Groupie" to the "Gay Gent". The corresponding profiles describe their style, music preferences and the corresponding scene. Moreover, information is provided on age, dress code and budget.

The user clicks through the character gallery until he identifies himself with one of the figures. During the next step matching song examples, primarily by Berlin artists, are available for each type. If the music style matches the user’s taste, he/she receives proposals for clubs and events.

If not, the user can click back to the character cabinet. The "Chic Chick" loves a glamorous, dramatic appearance in an exclusive environment, the "Easy Jetsetter" goes for a lot of partying with a low budget and the "Live Buff" turns the night into day at the next concert. But also for the "9-to-5-er" and even for the "Anti-Party" characters a matching venue can be selected.

"Only Berlin can create such a website", says visitBerlin CEO Burkhard Kieker. "We believe that this will attract a lot of attention in the worldwide club community."

All texts were written by the online and email magazine sugarhigh. The number of characters and the listed clubs are to be further developed in future. The Clubmatcher is compatible for display on mobile devices. But also the Facebook network is directly linked to the website. The fan page is to be found under "clubmatcher – meet the local".

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