Berlin Mayor Klaus Wowereit and visitBerlin CEO Burkhard Kieker express their gratitude to guests and Berliners

A New Record: 25 Million Overnight Stays in Berlin

Berlin, 19 December 2013 For the first time in history, Berlin has had more than 25 million overnight stays in a year. Berlin's Governing Mayor Klaus Wowereit and visitBerlin CEO Burkhard Kieker welcomed anniversary guest Christel Pröbstl, 59, from Egling near Munich.

Klaus Wowereit commented: "25 million overnight stays – that's a new record in the continuing success story of Berlin tourism. The city's reputation as an exciting city and its success as a destination for tourists from around the world can be attributed to its open and liberal attitudes. That's what we've been promoting about our city for these past twenty years. Many people have contributed to this success story, including the city's hotels, restaurants, clubs, museums, theatres, conventions and trade shows."

"Berlin offers a diverse mix of lifestyles and unique cultural offerings surrounded by the places where key events in world history took place. In addition, Berlin represents freedom for so many people. That's what visitors to Berlin find so fascinating about our city," says Burkhard Kieker, CEO of visitBerlin. "This record number of overnight stays is due in large part to the amazing hospitality of our fellow Berliners. And for that, we say thank you."

Willy Weiland, President of the Berlin Hotel and Restaurant Association, adds: "The positive and sustained growth in tourism demonstrates what Berlin's hospitality industry is capable of."

More than 26 million expected by year's end

From January to October, 9.6 million individual guests had travelled to Berlin. The Berlin Brandenburg Statistical Office calculates that this equalled 22.9 million overnight stays by the end of October, meaning that the record number of 25 million has surely been surpassed.

visitBerlin expects far more than 26 million overnight stays and eleven million visitors to Germany's capital by the end of the year. These figures only include guests registered at hotels. If one were to count those staying with relatives or in vacation rentals, the figure would certainly be much higher.

As of October, the German capital was reckoning an annual growth in tourism of 8.4 %, by far the fastest growing top destination in Europe. Berlin thus remains one of the three most sought-after destinations in Europe, after London and Paris.

Germany remains most important origin of visitors to Berlin

Many Germans are making their way to their capital city: The figures from October show that 5.9 million Germans had visited the capital in the first ten months of the year (+4.3%). They currently make up 57.1% of the city's guests. Internationally, Berlin is particularly popular with visitors from the UK, USA, Italy, the Netherlands, Denmark, France and Spain. The largest growth in visitor numbers, however, came from Eastern Europe, the Asia/Pacific region and the Arab Gulf States.

Every overnight guest spends an average of 204.70 € per day while in Berlin, meaning good news for the city's hospitality and retail sectors. With gross revenues of about 10.3 billion Euro, tourism and the convention industry are the most important economic factor in Berlin (source: Wirtschaftsfaktor für Berlin: Tourismus- und Kongressindustrie, visitBerlin, 2012). This also helps to attract investors to the city.

Berlin expresses its gratitude

At today's event at the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin Mayor Klaus Wowereit and visitBerlin CEO Burkhard Kieker expressed their thanks in person to the anniversary guests. In addition to being invited to this special event, Christl Pröbstl, who came to Berlin with her husband Hans, 63, for a short break, won another trip to Berlin for the coming year, a Berlin WelcomeCard and vouchers for the DDR Museum, for a spa stay at the Liquidrom and dinner in the restaurant at the top of the TV Tower.

Facts and figures about tourism in Berlin: