21% more national guests in Berlin / A total of 1.88 million room nights

Sunny March leads to rise in visitor numbers

Berlin, 15 May 2012 The hottest March since 1990, with 160 hours of sun, provided tourism in Berlin with a high. 866,856 guests travelled to the German capital (+ 19%). They spent 1,875,936 nights in the city on the river Spree (+ 16.7%), according to information provided by the Berlin-Brandenburg Statistics Office.

“In March Berlin recorded room nights and guest numbers never seen before”, says Burkhard Kieker, CEO of visitBerlin. “Compared to the German average, Berlin boasted even more than the double growth for room nights. The numbers for international guests have likewise been on a record level and underline that Berlin is more popular than ever before.”

The good weather in March attracted not only visitors from Germany to Berlin. Their number amounted to 567,166 or 21% more than during the comparable prior year period. The number of room nights even rose by 19.4% to 1,129,032.

Double-digit growth rates were also recorded for international arrivals: 299,690 visitors (+ 15.4%) spent 746,904 nights in the German capital (+ 13%). In March Berlin was particularly popular with guests from Denmark (+ 60%), Japan (+ 50.4%), France (+ 24.4%) and Russia (+ 28.5%).

In March 764 accommodation providers made 121,673 beds available for the visitors to the German capital (+ 4.7%). The average duration of stay was 2.2 days.

Whereas Berlin recorded an increase of 16.7% in room nights, the Federal Statistics Office reported today an 8% plus for national tourism in March 2012.

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