Sustainable Meetings Berlin: Website offers new services

  • Sustainable Event Guidelines Berlin: New guidelines offer practical tips for how to save resources and energy at events
  • Organisers can now show off their commitment to sustainability with the “Sustainable Berlin Supporter Patch”
Sustainable Berlin Supporter-Patch ©  visitBerlin
Sustainable Berlin Supporter-Patch

Berlin, 19 May 2022 With the new Sustainable Meetings Berlin website, visitBerlin’s Berlin Convention Office (BCO) is expanding its presence to support event planners in making their events sustainable. The revised, clearly structured website offers hotels, locations, and service providers that are certified sustainable, as well as the new Sustainable Event Guidelines Berlin in the section “Sustainable planning”. This guideline with 65 measures provides ideas for each step of the event planning process, including CO2-friendly commuting for visitors, selecting regional foods for the catering, and using energy-friendly technology. The measures are grouped into three levels according to their effectiveness. Key performance indicators (KPIs) make it easier to measure and compare the measures’ performance. Organisers who implement a certain number of steps from the Sustainable Event Guidelines can request the Sustainable Berlin Supporter Patch from the Berlin Convention Office and make their commitment to more sustainability visible for all to see.

“As an industry we have set off together on the road to making Berlin one of the most innovative, sustainable, and reliable event destinations,” says Marco Oelschlegel, Director Conventions of the visitBerlin Berlin Convention Office. “With the new Sustainable Event Guidelines, we now offer a sophisticated and practical roadmap that helps all event organisers plan their meeting or conference in Berlin sustainably.”

The Sustainable Event Guidelines Berlin is influenced by frameworks like the Suitable Event Organisation Guidelines of the German Environment Agency, the Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), and international standards like the ISO 20121 for sustainable event management by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The Sustainable Event Guidelines Berlin were also supplemented by feedback from the event industry and in communication with sustainability experts.

Further information on the Sustainable Event Guidelines Berlin, as well as the requirements for using the Supporter Patch, can be found on the new website of Sustainable Meetings Berlin: