Gross sales revenues of €8.991 billion in 2008

Tourism – Major economic factor for Berlin

Berlin, 24 February 2010 In recent years the sales revenues in the Berlin tourism industry and expenditure by visitors to the German capital have increased markedly. These are the results of the latest issue of “Economic Factor Tourism”, a study that was undertaken on behalf of Berlin Tourismus Marketing GmbH by dwif-consulting GmbH.

Tourists spend 176 million days in Berlin every year and in 2008 this generated gross sales revenues of €8.99 billion. Expenditure by day trippers accounted for around half of this figure and expenditure by overnight guests for the other half. 132 million day trippers generated in total gross sales revenues of €4.55 billion. Each visitor to Berlin who stayed even just one day in the city on the river Spree spent on average €34.50 in retail outlets, restaurants and on other services (2006: €33.80). Thanks to approximately 7.9 million overnight guests, total sales revenues of almost €3.5 billion were recorded. Each hotel guest stayed for on average 2.2 days in the German capital and spent €196.70 every day during his stay on accommodation, food and other services (2006: €194.60). Around €870 million of the sales revenues were accounted for by people visiting friends and relatives and they spent €34.60 a day in the city.

The hospitality industry benefited most from the Berlin tourism. Accommodation providers and restaurants received around €3.9 billion or 42.8 percent of the gross sales revenues. It was followed by the retail trade that was the recipient of roughly 40 percent of the revenues or €3.6 billion. Services accounted for 16.8 percent of the sales revenues or €1.5 billion.

As an economic factor, tourism also secures a wide range of jobs. The income of 232,300 inhabitants is completely dependent on the tourism industry which contributes 6.8 percent to national income.

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