Berlin. Be surprised.

"Berlin. Be surprised." – Discover the capital differently

Experience. Discovering. Relax. Like no other metropolis, the German capital combines well-known sights with relaxation and often undiscovered places of longing in the countryside. Urbanity and metropolitan nature enter into a perfect symbiosis here: Those who like can take advantage of the diverse cultural offerings, conquer the lively gastronomy scene or get new impulses during an extensive shopping tour. Many of Berlin's museums and cultural institutions are located in the midst of greenery, some with a wonderful view of the water and beautiful sculpture gardens. Restaurants are increasingly offering outdoor seating, while the retail trade is scoring points with attractive offers and new hygiene concepts. The well-known attractions such as the Berlin TV tower, the Brandenburg Gate or the Gemäldegalerie also offer a warm welcome to visitors. Thanks to modern ticket shops, visits there are particularly easy to plan - but above all safe and undisturbed.

There is also plenty of space everywhere in the city to comply with the applicable hygiene and safety regulations in a relaxed manner. The numerous parks, gardens, woods and the extensive water network offer plenty of space for experiences by the water and discoveries in nature. If you just want to dive down and relax, you can visit one of 50 Berlin lakes, try a stand-up paddle on the river Spree or explore the city by bike - the possibilities to experience Berlin off the beaten track and at a great distance are almost endless. Surprising impressions and new experiences are also offered by the 12 districts with their distinct neighbourhood culture. Beautiful old streets, small cafés and restaurants with beautiful outdoor terraces or hitherto undiscovered backyards are waiting to be discovered.

About "Berlin. Be surprised."

"Berlin. Be surprised." is primarily aimed at travellers from Germany and neighbouring countries who, due to the corona crisis, would like to take a holiday in their own country or neighbouring countries. This marketing initiative by visitBerlin is intended to make it clear that the city of Berlin in particular is ideal for a trip, as urbanity and closeness to nature are not mutually exclusive, but form a perfect symbiosis. The city attracts visitors in its 12 districts with the most diverse characteristics with nature and culture, enjoyment and zeitgeist.

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Über „Berlin. Auch das.

„Berlin. Auch das.“ richtet sich in erster Linie an Reisende aus Deutschland und angrenzenden Ländern, die aufgrund der Corona-Krise Urlaub im eigenen Land bzw. Nachbarland machen möchten. Mit dieser Marketinginitiative von visitBerlin soll deutlich gemacht werden, dass gerade die Großstadt Berlin ideal für eine Reise ist, da Urbanität und Naturverbundenheit sich hier nicht ausschließen, sondern eine perfekte Symbiose eingehen. Die Stadt lockt in ihren insgesamt 12 Bezirken unterschiedlichster Charakteristika mit Natur und Kultur, Genuss und Zeitgeist.

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