Our Shareholders and Supervisory Board

Shareholder structure

Gesellschafter ©  visitBerlin

The company shareholders are the not-for-profit association Berlin Partnerhotels e.V., the Land of Berlin, the IHK Berlin, the Messe Berlin, the IBB Unternehmensverwaltung, TMB (TMB Tourismus-Marketing Brandenburg GmbH) and the Berlin Brandenburg Airport.

Our Supervisory Board members

visitBerlin's Supervisory Board ©  visitBerlin, Foto: Dirk Mathesius
Burkhard Kieker (left) introduces the new Supervisory Board: Christian Andresen, Dieter Hütte, Jeannine Koch, Oliver Schumacher, Ute Jacobs, Michael Biel, Robert Rückel and Emanuel Höger (LTR; not in picture: Aletta v. Massenbach & Jens Holtkamp)

The Supervisory Board of Berlin Tourismus & Kongress GmbH is composed of ten members. Each shareholder appoints one member of the supervisory board. visitBerlin Partnerhotels e.V., as the largest shareholder, and the State of Berlin have the right to appoint two members. Since June 2017, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board has been Oliver Schumacher, Head of Communications and Marketing at Deutsche Bahn AG, who holds an additional mandate for the State of Berlin and Partnerhotel e.V.

Chairman of the Supervisory Board:

Oliver Schumacher
Head of Communications and Marketing Deutsche Bahn AG
Additional mandate

Deputy Chair of the Supervisory Board:

Michael Biel
Senate Department for Economic Affairs, Energy and Public Enterprises
Mandate for the State of Berlin

Members of the Supervisory Board:

Jeannine Koch
Chairwoman of the Board medianet berlinbrandenburg e.V.
Mandate for the State of Berlin

Ute Jacobs
Executive Director Estrel Hotel & Convention Center
Mandate for the visitBerlin Partnerhotels e.V.

Christian Andresen
President DEHOGA Berlin
Mandate for visitBerlin Partnerhotels e.V.

Jens Holtkamp
Head of Corporate Communications at Investitionsbank Berlin
Mandate for IBB Corporate Management

Aletta von Massenbach
Chief Executive Officer
Representative of Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg

Dieter Hütte
Chief Executive Officer TMB Tourismus-Marketing Brandenburg GmbH
Representative of TMB Tourismus-Marketing Brandenburg GmbH

Emanuel Höger
Press Spokesman and Press and Public Relations Director, Messe Berlin GmbH
Representative of Messe Berlin GmbH

Corporate Governance

We are subject to the regulations of the State of Berlin, which can be found in the Berlin Corporate Governance Code report. visitBerlin's corporate governance reports are available for download at the bottom of the page (only available in German).