2012 Figures show almost 11 million guests in the capital / More than 10 million participants in meetings and conventions / Senator for Economic Affairs: Berlin is an economic powerhouse

At around 25 million, overnight stays reach record levels in Berlin

Berlin, 20 February 2013 The German capital is continuing to welcome high levels of visitors. In 2012, Berlin achieved a new record, with almost 11 million guests and around 25 million overnight stays (24.9 million overnight stays signifies a 11.4% or 2.5m increase compared to 2011). Thus, the city can continue to build on its reputation as the third most popular tourist destination in Europe. With an annual increase in overnight stays of 11.4%, Berlin’s hospitality industry is experiencing the fastest growth in the world. International visitors, as well as those attending meetings and conventions in the city, were the main drivers of this growth. The Senator for Economic Affairs Cornelia Yzer says: “Tourism has long been a major economic engine for Berlin. Our capital city has become a destination of choice for increasing numbers of guests from all over the world, whether on holiday or to attend meetings, conventions or trade fairs”.

Conventions brought revenues of €1.96m in 2012

Berlin has developed into one of the leading cities for hosting conventions, as 2012 convention statistics* show. 123,900 one-day and multi-day events took place last year, involving around 10.5 million participants, thus representing a 7% rise in events and an 8% rise in participants compared to 2011. The number of overnight stays increased by 9% to 6.6 million. In 2012, revenue through hosting meetings and conventions amounted to €1.96bn (+8%). International events accounted for 19% of this total. In international comparison, according to the statistics of the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA), the German capital has been among the Top 5 leading locations for organisation meetings since 2004 and is now ranked fourth.

Double-digit growth rates for international guest numbers

“Berlin is experiencing a strong comeback as an international city,” says Burkhard Kieker, CEO of Berlin Tourismus Marketing GmbH. “The almost 25 million overnight stays are proof of that, but so is the fondness towards the city felt by the international community. Berlin attracts tourists, creative thinkers and highly qualified young people alike. Berlin has become an exemplary city of talent, technology and tolerance.”

According to the Berlin-Brandenburg Statistics Office, the German capital was able to boast a huge increase in visitors, particularly in those coming from abroad. International visitors rose by 13.5% to 4 million. 10.6 million overnight stays from abroad, an increase of about 14.5%, were recorded in the city’s accommodations. The number of visitors from Germany increased by about 8% to 6.8 million.

Good news for the hotel market as occupancy rate significantly increases

“The number of visitors and overnight stays in Berlin have continued to grow and has now more than doubled in the past ten years”, says Professor Ulrike Rockmann, President of the Berlin-Brandenburg Statistics Office. “In 2012, in addition to the increasing numbers of overnight domestic visitors, the number of foreign guests grew even more rapidly, amounting to 42.5% of all overnight stays. Ten years ago this share was 30%.” Rockmann added that the number of beds available in Berlin more than doubled in the same period, with 126,000 available by the end of 2012. Occupancy rates averaged 54.5%, which was better than in previous years.

*Source: 2012 convention statistics “Annual Report 2012” by the independent market research company ghh consult GmbH on behalf of visitBerlin