The German capital is celebrating its first anniversary as a member of BestCities / Visitors can send their own personal Berlin postcard from booth F-100/37-52

Berlin: from IMEX to the wider world

Berlin, 17 May 2013 Memories of Berlin on a Postcard: from 21–23 May 2013, IMEX visitors will receive their own unique souvenir of their time in Berlin. At booth F-100/37 – 52, they have their photo taken in front of a panoramic view of Berlin, then attach a specially designed Berlin stamp and turn it into a postcard that can be send anywhere in the world.

"Berlin is one of the leading convention cities and postcards offer a charming alternative to social media as a way of communicating this to the world," says Heike Mahmoud, Director of Conventions at the visitBerlin Berlin Convention Office. "Another focus at this year's IMEX is our first anniversary as a member of the BestCities Global Alliance."

A total of 21 Berlin partners are represented at the German pavilion F-100, ranging from hotels, venues and agencies to Berlin's main attractions. IMEX visitors can also learn about the city's convention capacities, the extraordinary locations available and the new offerings within the growing hotel landscape of Berlin.

Conventions are big business in Berlin

Berlin has moved into the top three international conference destinations, as shown by the latest statistics from the International Congress & Convention Association (ICCA). Having hosted 172 events held by international associations in the past year, the German capital moved up one position to become the third most popular city for conferences and conventions in the world. The city is behind Vienna (195 events) and Paris (181) and ahead of Madrid (164 events) and Barcelona (154).

First Anniversary of Berlin & BestCities

In May 2012, Berlin was accepted as a full member of the BestCities Global Alliance, the service network of international convention cities. Berlin is now one of the cities in the world which have come together to create a unique service network in order to provide international customers with not only quality and professionalism, but also globally oriented expertise.

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