Number of domestic visitors to Berlin up by 14.9 per cent

Berlin - popular summer destination among Germans

Berlin, 7th October 2011 Only one thing is better than Berlin - and that is summer in Berlin! This is also what approximately 909,000 domestic and overseas visitors thought (representing an increase of 11.2%) when they chose the German capital as their travel destination in August. The number of total overnight stays rose by 8.1 per cent to 2.3 million. The average length of stay in the city's 770 accommodation establishments was 2.5 days.

"Berlin also benefited from the wet summer and frustrated seaside holidaymakers," visitBerlin Managing Director, Burkhard Kieker, said. "But the numbers also show that Berlin is well worth visiting, whatever the weather."

14.9 percent more German visitors than in the same month last year used the commemorations marking the 50th anniversary of the building of the Berlin Wall to focus on their own history and visit their capital city. This led to a significantly greater number of domestic visitors compared with those from overseas, which was up by 6.2%.

Just under three quarters of the 363,300 international visitors came from Europe. Moreover, Berlin was very popular in August, particularly among visitors from South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China, and the Russian Federation, whose numbers were up by 52.7%, 40.3%, 37.4% and 36% respectively.

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