In July 41.5 percent foreign guests and over two million room nights

Berlin with record proportion of international visitors

Berlin, 9 September 2010 In July the proportion of international visitors in Berlin was higher than ever before. According to the Berlin-Brandenburg Statistics Office they accounted for 41.5 percent of the total visitor volume (2009: 34.9 percent). This means that the 40 percent mark has been exceeded for the first time since the statistics* were recorded.

A further record was chalked up for room nights. In July 820,600 guests (+3.3 percent) spent around 2,035,200 nights in the German capital (+5 percent). For the first time ever more than two million room nights were recorded in one month.

The numbers of foreign visitors and room nights achieved double-digit percentage growth in July. Around 340,500 arrivals were registered – a rise of 13 percent. The room nights increased by 12.8 percent to 912,100. The proportion of domestic guests (480,100) was slightly lower than in the same month the previous year (-2.7 percent). The number of room nights fell by half a percent to 1,123,100.

More tourists in particular from France (+26.1 percent), the United Kingdom (+19.1 percent) and Spain (+14.1 percent) chose Berlin as their travel destination. The average length of stay of all guests was 2.5 days (July 2009: 2.4).

In the seventh month of the year there were 740 establishments providing accommodation in the city. Together, they made approximately 111,200 beds available, 6.4 percent more than in the prior year period. The occupancy rate was 58.4 percent.

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