now reaches more international visitors than ever

Berlin's Official Tourism Portal available in 13 languages

Berlin, 14 May 2013 visitBerlin is responding to the ongoing strong international interest in the German capital. Information and travel offers are now available in 13 different languages at, Berlin's official tourism portal. As well as the extensive German- and English-language web pages, a lot of information – including top attractions, museums, and restaurants – is also available in Spanish, French, and Italian. In addition, the most important content is now also provided in Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Turkish.

visitBerlin is targeting the markets in their particular languages that brought the most visitors to Berlin last year. In 2012, according to the Berlin-Brandenburg Statistics Office, visitor numbers from around Europe were up, including the UK (+13.4% compared to the previous year), the Netherlands (+3.4%) and Italy (+11.9%). As well as the USA (+17.5%), the overseas markets with large increases included Brazil (+28.4%), Israel (+16.1%), China (+25.2%) and Japan (+25.1%).

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