First Extended Opera and Theater Night in Berlin

Berlin, 25 March 2009 For years, “Extended Museum Night” has been a crowd puller in Berlin. And for the first time, on April 25, Berlin’s stages will also open up for unusual nighttime discoveries. During the first Extended Opera and Theater Night, sixty Berlin stages will show off their variety, originality, and distinctiveness.

From 7:00 P.M. to 1:00 A.M., they will offer a constant stream of short, approximately half-hour events, allowing audience members to arrange their own journey of discovery through the Berlin opera and theater scene. The program offers not just “get your feet wet” visits for tourists and newcomers to the theater, but also surprises for impassioned theater fans.

Shuttle buses will carry visitors from one theater to another on seven different routes every ten to fifteen minutes. The starting point and meeting spot is the Bebelplatz, with an open-air stage, central box office, and information stand.

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