Immerse into the cultural "Berlin mix"

  • visitBerlin presents the cultural projectInto Berlin
  • The goal is networking and visibility of the range of Berlin cultural players
  • "Into Berlin" as pars pro toto and information basis for regional cultural tourism
Galerie Wedding ist einer der Kulturorte der Kulturinitiative „Into Berlin“ von visitBerlin ©  Cee Cee for visitBerlin (Galerie Wedding: Performance „to build to bury to remember” by Sarah Ama Duah)
Galerie Wedding is one of the cultural venues of the cultural initiative "Into Berlin" by visitBerlin

Berlin, April 7, 2022 With the new initiative "Into Berlin" visitBerlin in cooperation with Cee Cee Berlin wants to support the diverse makers of Berlin culture, network them in communication and at the same time make them more visible for Berliners, visitors and the whole world. Creatives and the public, travelers and the tourism industry - in the future, access to basic information material should be made easier, and decentralized and smaller players in particular should be adequately represented.

Visibility internally and externally

"Into Berlin" aims to improve the networking of Berlin's almost unmanageable cultural scene and the players in regional cultural tourism, and at the same time to increase their visibility in order to show the diversity and creative radiance of the capital. Berlin's cultural players - from underground to high culture, from nightclub to opera house - and their interested audience from all over the world meet under a common roof. The pilot project serves as a testing ground and platform for dialogue, inspiration and cooperation.

Great interest among the makers

Funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe, together with Cee Cee Berlin and in close cooperation with local cultural partners, "Into Berlin" represents an exemplary snapshot of the capital's diverse cultural makers. The spectrum ranges from the New National Gallery to Kino International, from the Central and State Library to Schloss Britz and Light Art Space. The initiative gains international expertise and visibility through the cooperation partner "Leading Culture Destinations", which in turn contributes an extensive network and experience in cultural tourism. Thus, "Into Berlin" starts directly with a broad base that includes local actors from Berlin's districts as well as globally networked partners. These extremely diverse and different perspectives will help determine the final direction of "Into Berlin" during the pilot phase. The project follows visitBerlin's claim, formulated in the tourism concept, to support city-friendly tourism in all Berlin districts and to make decentralized offerings more visible.

Culture and travel connect people - visitBerlin makes this visible

Burkhard Kieker, managing director of visitBerlin: "With 'Into Berlin' we make the Berlin mix of Berlin's art and culture scene visible. Culture and travel create deep connections between people. With the new initiative, visitBerlin is establishing a platform for dialog between local as well as international stakeholders in culture and tourism."

Auftaktveranstaltung für „into Berlin" in der Galerie Sexauer ©  visitBerlin
Kick-off event for "into Berlin" at the Sexauer Gallery

April 7 is visitBerlin's Culture Day

The day of the official launch of "Into Berlin" is visitBerlin's cultural day. Representatives of all stakeholder groups have been invited to the Sexauer Gallery and the surrounding studio area in Weißensee for the launch event on April 7. Directly after the presentation of "Into Berlin", the salon for the preparation of this year's conference "Berlin questions 2022" will take place there. Here, international thought leaders from various disciplines will meet to discuss the most pressing questions and challenges of our time. In the evening, the LCD Berlin Awards will be presented at the same venue, honoring the most exciting international destinations and players.

Berlin's cultural offerings attract travelers from all over the world

The capital's fascinating and diverse cultural landscape is one of the most important travel motivations for visitors from all over the world. 45 percent of all guests come to Berlin to experience art and culture - and they can expect an almost endless wealth of opportunities. That's why close networking among all stakeholders and a common platform for information and dialogue are particularly important. Creative professionals, the hotel and convention industry and travelers will now find the opportunity to do so with "Into Berlin".

into Berlin ©  Cee Cee for visitBerlin

Website deliberately a work in progress

The website will be launched at the same time as the initiative. The website starts with 20 selected locations and artists and will be expanded successively. Here, the bundling of the actors becomes tangible for the first time, so that formats and functions can be discussed and further developed. More information on and under the hashtag #intoBerlin.


Berlin vibrates, is an intoxication/rush. Berlin can be quiet and wild, making nights shine and days pass by on the Spree. The city thrives on and with its diversity, its cultural abundance and the famous "Berliner Mixture".

The cultural partners of "Into Berlin" at the start

  • Ballhaus Naunynstraße
  • Beat Halberschmidt /
  • Brücke-Museum
  • Callie’s
  • Galerie Wedding
  • haubrok foundation & Fahrbereitschaft
  • KINDL – Zentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst
  • Kino International
  • Kraftwerk
  • Light Art Space (LAS)

  • Mies-van-der-Rohe-Haus
  • Neue Nationalgalerie
  • Oyoun
  • Projektraum alte feuerwache
  • Refuge Worldwide (Radio)
  • Schloss Biesdorf
  • Schloss Britz
  • Schwartzsche Villa & Gutshaus Steglitz
  • Theater im Delphi (ehem. Stummfilmkino Delphi)
  • Zentral- und Landesbibliothek

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