Rediscover Berlin now in 2021

Berlin is looking forward to welcoming visitors from all over the world just as soon as travel becomes possible again – and at any time of the year,the German capital is well worth a visit. Until then, the anticipation of Berlin and all the possibilities in one city remains: Relaxation and discoveries. Adventures and time for a breather. The German capital offers surprising sides and lures with spectacular new buildings and old treasures, tempts to go shopping, to enjoy and to relax. Berlin is still Berlin and continues to reinvent itself every day.. Berlin. Be surprised.

Berlin is a vibrant cosmopolitan city. Living history, internationally renowned museums, unique galleries, UNESCO sites and historically significant buildings can all be explored here. However, Berlin is even more: The city offers space for active experiences on the waterfront and for discoveries in the countryside. Besides, Berlin combines lifestyle, shopping and international gastronomy.

The city is a playground for creatives and unconventional thinkers who try out fresh ideas in the capital. Here you can experience everything you could wish for from a time out. A city full of surprises and contrasts. Whether it's a big city expedition or pure relaxation, bustling neighborhood life or natural oases - there's much more to experience in Berlin than a classic city trip.

10 good reasons for an individual trip to Berlin

1. 2021 - a year full of highlights

There is a lot to discover in Berlin in 2021: New openings, unique exhibitions, great events and much more. These annual highlights increase the anticipation and make a visit to Berlin 2021

2. Experience Berlin's remarkable museums and the new landmark Humboldt Forum

Berlin's cultural landscape is currently being enriched by another highlight: a museum for the whole world and the diversity of its cultures - the Humboldt Forum - is being constructed in the heart of the city. In December 2020, this project of the century was digitally

Berlin's cultural landscape is as diverse as the city itself. In more than 180 Berlin museums and 440 galleries, you can discover important works of art from all eras, as well as the art of tomorrow. Berlin's Museum Island forms the heart of the city - it is the largest museum ensemble in the world and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The collections of the associated museums preserve more than 6,000 years of art and cultural history. Or are you interested in unusual and new museums? Over 1000 different letters can be discovered in the Museum of Letters. White red wine can be admired in the curiosity cabinet of the "Museum der Unerhörten Dinge" (Museum of Unheard (of) Things). The new Futurium is the House of the Futures in Berlin with a unique exhibition with vivid scenarios and an interactive laboratory. Another new attraction in Berlin is Die Mauer | The Wall - The Museum on Leipziger Platz, which reveals exciting facts about the history of the Wall. More about Berlin's museum landscape

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Blick auf Fernsehturm

3. Berlin from above

From the vantage points in Berlin there are fantastic views of the city and its sights. The most famous is the Berlin TV tower landmark, which has a total height of 368m. Furthermore, the 150m high radio tower on the fairground, the glass dome of the Reichstag building and the corresponding roof terrace or the Victory Column in the heart of the Tiergarten offer great panoramas.

©  visitBerlin, Foto: Wolfgang Scholvien
Komische Oper

4. Berlin offers art for all senses

Berlin is the number one capital of classical music: the Deutsche Oper, the Komische Oper, the Staatsoper and the Staatsballett Berlin present numerous productions from all eras. Eight large orchestras expand the diversity of the Capital of Culture. In the Konzerthaus at Gendarmenmarkt and in the Berlin Philharmonie, guests can listen to the world's most important orchestras.


5. Exploring the neighborhoods of Berlin

Berlin isn’t the same everywhere. Leave the city and dive into the neighborhoods with their individual flair. The twelve districts of Berlin each correspond to a major city. Twelve different faces, different stories, new corners and unfamiliar views of the city - and yet unmistakably Berlin.



6. Urban recreation in the blue and green capital

Big city and recreation - can they go together? Yes, in Berlin actually quite well. Berlin is so vast that visitors are spread out all over the city and everyone can find a place for themselves. Berlin is green: More than a third of the city's nearly 900 square kilometres is green. Guests can move through parks, palaces and forests and discover surprising sides of the capital such as the Gardens of the World or the world's most species-rich zoo. The city is also one of the most water-rich cities in Germany. Visitors can relax at the lakes, rivers, canals and streams. Berlin even has waterfalls. This makes the capital predestined for a trip to and on the water. Lazy summer nights in the numerous beach bars along the Spree, relaxed stand up paddling on the lakes or just a walk along the banks of the Havel - this is how you can relax in the big city. A perfect overview is offered by taking a bridge cruise on the Spree river criss-crossing the city, a great experience! Berlin and water, this combination opens new views of the city.


BRLO ©  Seren Dal/BRLO

7. Berlin's green kitchen

Vegetables are the new star on the plate. Whether you're talking about Michelin starred vegetarian restaurants, zero waste cooking, clean eating or simply the use of the best organic and regional ingredients - the German capital is setting trends for sustainable eating and was voted the most vegan-friendly city in the world. Berlin's vegan fine dining scene is highly regarded by gourmets worldwide. Since 2007, Cookies Cream ( has shown that vegetarian cuisine does not have to lead a niche existence in Berlin and was awarded the Michelin star in 2017. There are also international and unusual restaurants in Berlin's gastronomy scene. Regional and seasonal organic products are currently high on the menu.


©  visitBerlin, Foto: Wolfgang Scholvien
City-West am Abend

8. Eye-catcher in the City West

Behind Breitscheidplatz near Zoologischer Garten, skyscrapers tower into the sky, including the luxury hotel Waldorf Astoria. Newly renovated next door: the Zoo Palast cinema and the Bikini House with original designer stores and restaurants. From the mall and the large terrace, you can follow the happenings on the Monkey Rock in the Berlin Zoo. From the restaurant Neni and the Monkey Bar in the hotel tower there is a great view over the city.


9. New openings in Berlin

Berlin sets trends: Whether museums or galleries, a city stroll or entertainment, music or fashion, there is always something new to discover in the German capital. Being part of the exhibition yourself? In the new Studio of Wonders, a wonderful world for young and old, this wish will come true. The more than 20 interactive experience rooms play with optical tricks and bright colours. In the mirror room, the world is literally upside down. This is how unique photo motifs are created. Sustainable shopping: In the new "NochMall department store" of the Berliner Stadtreinigung (Berlin Waste Management), discarded items such as furniture, clothing, bicycles and accessories find a new


©, Foto: Franckreporter
Grafitti an Berline rMauer

10. Historic sites in Berlin

The entire city is an authentic place to explore Berlin's history. Here you can discover places where the past is still alive. Probably the most striking building in the city's history is the Berlin Wall, which divided the city for 28 years.


Always Worth a visit

The unique attitude to life and the charm of Berlin does not depend on the season, because there are many in- and outdoor activities on offer. In times of the Corona pandemic, the health of Berlin's guests is a top priority: the restaurants and museums have developed extensive hygiene concepts. Bookable time slot tickets and sufficient space offer a relaxing experience once the Corona restrictions are over. On you can discover many favourite places and read tips for a responsible and safe trip. Find further news in the blog

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