More international visitors in the city than ever before in January

Strong start to the year for tourism in Berlin

Berlin, 8 March 2013. According to the Amt für Statistik Berlin-Brandenburg (Berlin-Brandenburg Statistics Office), around 700,000 people visited Berlin in January (5.9 % more than last year), staying a total of 1.5 million nights in the city (that's an increase of 9 %).

visitBerlin CEO Burkhard Kieker says: "We've just had the best January ever for tourism in Berlin. That's right in the dead of winter too, so it really is a great compliment to all of those providing tourist services throughout the city. In particular, we've been remarkably successful in terms of tourism from abroad. We no longer have a low season here in Berlin."

The increase in the number of international visitors to the city (up 11.6 % / 14.6 % for overnight stays), was significantly higher than for guests from Germany (up 3.4 % from last year / 5.6 % for overnight stays).

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