March: 23 per cent increase in numbers of overnight stays by international guests / Growing numbers of visitors in the first quarter of 2013

Tourist numbers rising despite low temperatures

Berlin, 14 May 2013 A new tourism record in Berlin was set in March: about a million visitors (+6.4%) came to Berlin. The numbers of overnight stays rose by 17.1 per cent (2,194,700). International visitors in in particular are drawn to Berlin (+ 12.7%), spending nearly a million nights (+ 23.3%) in the city in total. Burkhard Kieker, managing director of visitBerlin: "There can be no talk of a hibernation: despite the long, cold winter, more visitors came to the capital than ever before."

Looking at the first quarter of 2013, around 2.3 million visitors (+ 5.2% compared to the precious year) came to the German capital, staying a total of about 5.3 million nights (+ 12.3%). These figures reveal that tourism in Berlin has had its most successful first quarter ever.

According to the Berlin-Brandenburg Statistics Office, the number of visitors from abroad continues to increase at a good rate. From January to March, around 830,000 foreign visitors came to the German capital (+10.9% compared to the previous year), staying for about 2.2 million nights (+17.8%). For comparison, there were about 1.5 million visitors (+2.2%) from Germany, who stayed about three million nights (+8.5%) in Berlin.

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