Working Together

Joining forces

Whatever the time of year, we offer many opportunities to participate in projects, events and activities. Here you can find a detailed list of all services provided by our partner hotels as well as other exciting opportunities for participating in our ongoing marketing activities.


In the smartphone age, you come across QR codes (QR = Quick Response), the successor to the bar code, on almost a daily basis. QR codes are easy to use, and provide a link to more extensive information. To read the QR code, smartphones need a camera and a QR reader/scanner app. A reader/scanner app is often preinstalled on smartphones; if not, many are available for free.

The Culture & Events marketing pillar have developed a dedicated QR code for Berlin’s cultural programme. The QR code, which is linked to, is provided for all visitBerlin partner hotels.

How do your guests access the QR code?

The code can be integrated into a webpage, printed and either given to guests or left in the hotel rooms, attached to windows, or inside the elevator cabin.

Using the code, guests can view the latest events in Berlin on the days of their stay – and locals can use it to check what Berlin has to offer at any time of the year. The events can be filtered by categories (theatre & music, exhibitions, city tours, festivals, sports, families, and culture), providing the ideal programme for every taste.

The QR code can be supplied for individual use in the following formats:

• Selectable foreground and background colours

• Sizes from 100 x 100 px to 1000 x 1000 px