For enhanced social responsibility: special meeting format MEET+CHANGE

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In Berlin, a sustainable meeting does not just mean green and eco-friendly. With  MEET+CHANGE the Berlin Convention Office of visitBerlin is going a step further and connecting professional event planning to social commitment and responsibility. In this way, Berlin offers exceptional alternatives to the classic solutions of finding meeting and conference rooms. Here, event organisers can plan, for instance, a creative workshop in a children’s home, a staff training session in a family support centre or a team building day in a community centre. So how does it work? Organisers use the rooms and individual strengths of a social or cultural facility in Berlin for their event and in return grant one of the facility’s wishes, providing it with something urgently needed – literally putting sustainability into practice.

This is an approach with clear advantages:

  • Economic value added: Your room hire supports social and cultural facilities.
  • Ecological value added: The visitBerlin Berlin Convention Office works with sustainable services and materials.
  • Social value added: Your meeting environment encourages an exchange of ideas and thinking outside the box.
  • All locations are easy to reach within Berlin and are equipped with a professional set of materials for conferences.
  • With its expert service, the Berlin Convention Office of visitBerlin supports organisers and is a reliable contact partner before, during and after the event.

In future, the visitBerlin Berlin Convention Office plans to expand the MEET+CHANGE initiative and offer other formats – both those emerging from the Sustainable Meetings Berlin programme and those created together with partners in Berlin. If it’s going to be sustainable, it’s sure to be Berlin.

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