Berlin’s green event locations

To organise sustainable events, it is important to look at the aspects of economic, social and ecological sustainability. This involves firmly anchoring a rethinking processes with all relevant actors – from employees to suppliers, services and participants. The objective must be to design an economically successful event not only meeting ethical and fair standards, but with as little environmental impact as possible. The first and most crucial step here is finding the right sustainable location – and Berlin has a wealth of suitable locations to offer. Here, we have compiled a small selection:

EUREF Campus ©  EUREF AG, Foto: Andreas Schwarz

The EUREF Campus a centre unique in Europe for sustainability and innovative future projects

The EUREF Campus in Berlin Schöneberg, a symbol of Germany’s energy turnaround, has already attracted many businesses in the areas of energy, sustainability and mobility. Since 2008, this approx. 5.5-hectare site has become home to nationally and internationally renowned companies and research facilities. At the foot of Berlin’s landmark gasometer, there are also 15 rooms in an attractive and light industrial architecture with lots of space for conferences, gala dinners and events for up to 600 guests. What makes the EUREF Campus so special? It offers a smart location to meet, work, research and educate, and represents a unique kind of urban development, both ecologically and economically sustainable. Here, the issues related to the energy turnaround become visible and vibrant.

Gasometer ©  visitBerlin, Foto: Wolfgang Scholvien
Umweltforum ©  visitBerlin, Foto: Dirk Mathesius

The Umweltforum an environmental forumthat lives up to its name

Can a church be green and also a magnificent location for great events? At Berlin’s Umweltforum it certainly can!

Once a large metropolitan church with space for a congregation of 1350 from the traditionally working-class district of Friedrichshain, today this is an ecological and sustainable conference centre. The Umweltforum is also fully equipped with sustainable environmental technologies. Power is generated by a photovoltaic system and a combined heat and power unit, while eco-friendly technologies such as a solar façade ensure the electricity in the rooms comes from 100% renewable energy sources. The rooftop garden is not only home to ten beehives, but also contributes to a better city climate. The highlight of the venue is the vast hall, with a floor space of 450m², ringed by galleries and featuring a church organ. The Umweltforum is one of the special Sustainable Meetings Berlin Partner locations.

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