Executive Management

visitBerlin is managed by a duo: In addition to Burkhard Kieker, who has headed visitBerlin since January 2009, Sabine Wendt became the second Managing Director since January 2024. They are responsible for the worldwide promotion of Berlin in the tourism and convention sectors, to maintain and develop the brand of Berlin as well as destination management and corporate development. They are supported by the CEO’s Executive Office and the company’s authorised officers. 
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Burkhard Kieker ©  visitBerlin, Foto: Dirk Mathesius

Burkhard Kieker

Chief Executive Officer

Sabine Wendt ©  visitBerlin

Sabine Wendt

Chief Executive Officer

Authorised Officers

Authorised Officers

Matthias Goeze ©  visitBerlin

Matthias Goeze

Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) I Procurist

Staff positions

Staff positions

Christian Tänzler ©  visitBerlin
Inka Rehahn ©  visitBerlin

Inka Rehahn

Director of Strategic Marketing

©  Die Hoffotografen GmbH

Maike Kästner

Strategic Marketing I Senior Manager Marketing Coordination

Monika Kersten ©  visitBerlin

Monika Kersten

Head of Controlling

Lutz ©  visitBerlin

Executive Office

Executive Office

Tim Schwänen ©  visitBerlin, Foto:
Jule Weidner ©  visitBerlin, Foto: