Film festival and large conventions secure double-digit growth rates

Berlin: Tourism record in February

Berlin, 12 April 2012 Berlin tourism has continued its significant upward trend since the beginning of this year. 665,167 guests travelled to the German capital in February (+13 percent, variation versus prior year) and spent 1,427,746 nights (+ 14.5 percent) there. This was announced today by the Berlin-Brandenburg Statistics Office.

The Berlinale attracted an increasing number of international visitors to Berlin. Their number rose by 12.9 percent to 242,385. The German capital was a particularly attractive destination for visitors from Russia (+ 20.2 percent), Austria (+ 20.2 percent) and Switzerland (+ 24.8 percent). Enormous growth rates were recorded in February for guests from the Arab Gulf States (+ 77.1 percent), Turkey (+ 65 percent) as well as from Eastern Europe (Slovak Republic + 43.1 percent, Ukraine + 58.5 percent, Estonia + 41.9 percent, Latvia + 46 percent).

The Berlin convention business had a particularly strong impact on the number of national guests in February 2012. The German Cancer Congress had, for instance, 7,000 participants and a financial convention had 4,000 participants. Altogether, 442,782 German guests (+ 13 percent) came to Berlin. They accounted for 819.345 room nights

(+ 14.8 percent).

In February 757 accommodation providers made 121,074 beds available to the visitors to the German capital (+ 4.7 percent). The average duration of stay in the film and convention metropolis was 2.1 days.

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