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Berlin among the best: International rankings

Always at the top: Berlin is one of the most interesting, attractive and liveable cities in the world - not only for Berliners, but also for the guests and business travelers who like to visit the German capital year after year. This is confirmed not only by the accommodation statistics, but also by numerous international rankings and studies:

City rankings

#1 (Europe): European City Travel Study 2023/2024

In the European City Travel Study 2023/2024 by ProjectM, in which 6,000 city travel enthusiasts in Germany, Austria and Switzerland were surveyed, Berlin is in first place and, together with Paris, is one of the top city travel destinations in a comparison of 170 cities in Europe. 

# 3 (World): Best Cities in the World 2024

In the "Best cities in the world 2024" ranking, Berlin is one of the three most interesting cities in the world, along with New York and Cape Town, according to TimeOut magazine.
Press release "TimeOut magazine ranks Berlin among the best cities in the world"

# 3 (Europe): Europe´s Best Cities 2024

Berlin takes third place in Resonance Consultancy's "Europe's Best Cities" ranking, scoring particularly well for culture. The German capital moved up an impressive four places compared to the previous year. Together with London and Paris, Berlin is now one of the three best cities in Europe.
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# 6 (World): City Destinations Index 2023

Berlin is one of the best destinations for city breaks and is one of the ten most attractive cities in the world in Euromonitor's current "Top 100 City Destinations Index“ 2023. Berlin has moved up two places to sixth place in the ranking. One of the reasons for this is the sustainability efforts certified in the Global Destination Sustainability Index.


Platz 1 (Europa): Europas nachhaltigste Reiseziele 2022

Ein Ranking unter 28 europäischen Städten besagt: Laut Gepäckanbieter Bounce ist Berlin die umweltfreundlichste Reisedestination Europas. Gemäß der Analyse sind 84 % der Touristen und Einwohner mit dem Fahrrad, zu Fuß oder mit öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln unterwegs, Berlin ist die Stadt mit den meisten umweltfreundlichen Fortbewegungsmöglichkeiten, 9,3 % eco-friendly Hotels, 4,2ucd/m2 Lichtverschmutzung, 3% grüne Energie, 33,5 CO2-Fußabdruck, 9,3% Green Michelin-Sterne.

Platz 1 (Deutschland): Berliner sind am umweltfreundlichsten 2022

Savoo fand heraus: Berliner haben deutschlandweit das größte Interesse an Nachhaltigkeit. Berliner:innen sind am umweltfreundlichsten. Sie interessieren sich für Flohmärkte (pro Monat werden 600 Suchanfragen pro 100.000 Einwohner gestellt). Humana ist einer der beliebtesten Secondhand-Läden, monatlich werden hierzu in Berlin über 27.000 Google-Suchanfragen gestellt, Interesse an Vintagemöbel, Unverpacktläden, nachhaltigem Einkauf.

Platz 5 (Welt): Sustainable Cities Index 2022

Laut Sustainable City Index des Beratungsunternehmens Arcadis zählt Berlin zu den nachhaltigsten Metropolen der Welt (Top 5). Kriterien sind People, Planet und Profil. Berlin punktet wegen zahlreicher Grünflächen und der relativ geringen Umweltbelastung. Weitere Faktoren: Lebensqualität und das soziale Handeln einer Stadt.

Congress destinations / Meeting Industry

3rd to 7th place (World): Leading meeting destinations 2019 - 2022

Press release "Berlin among the world's top 3 congress cities in 2019"
Top of the ICCA rankings: In the highly competitive congress market, Berlin is ranked top in the world as a congress destination. The German capital has been among the top 10 in the ranking of international association congresses for more than ten years and is one of the world's most important cities for meetings and congresses. 

# 1 (Germany): Best business destination

In the ranking of German business travel destinations, Berlin takes first place in terms of various aspects relevant to business travelers, such as a sustainable, value-for-money business travel stay or a workation: According to the Destination Brand 23 Business study (inspektour GmbH), the majority of German business travelers surveyed spontaneously think of Berlin as a business travel destination when asked which business travel destinations they associate as particularly relevant for the aspects "good value for money", "high sustainability of the business travel offer" and "good opportunities for workation stays".

The Destination Brand 23 Business study (inspektour GmbH) examines a total of 22 German business travel destinations with regard to their demand-side assessment of offers and infrastructure elements. German business travelers aged 18-75 who had undertaken one or more business trips with at least one overnight stay within the last three years (overnight business travelers) were surveyed. The study also focused on the unaided naming ("top of mind") of business travel destinations for various aspects. The business travelers surveyed were able to spontaneously indicate which business travel destinations they associate as particularly relevant for the respective aspect without having to provide an answer.
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Culture, quality of life and student life

# 1&2 (World): Humboldt Ranking 2023

The Berlin universities Freie Universität and Humboldt Universität take first and second place in the Humboldt Ranking, which shows which study institutions are particularly popular with researchers. In terms of outstanding foreign researchers, the universities in the metropolitan areas of Berlin and Munich are at the top.

# 2 (World): Best Student Cities in the World 2023

Campus Advisor's "Top 50 Student Cities in the World for 2023" ranking serves as a compass for students seeking not only academic excellence, but also an exceptional living experience. From vibrant cultural scenes to state-of-the-art learning environments, Berlin proves that the city is the epitome of holistic student life. Key factors considered include student friendliness, cost of living, nightlife, public transportation, amenities, safety and the invaluable opinions of current students.

Why these reviewers think Berlin is great:
"Berlin is a very diversified city with people coming from all over the world. As an international city, it can offer anything you are looking for. Food, public transportation, attraction, social event and so on. It checks all boxes and it will not be boring. Also there are many libraries throughout the city."
"Berlin is so cool with diverse culture and activities. It has one of the best clubbing scenes in the world. You can do a lot of things here and never get bored. Building connection is also easier here in the capital."

# 7 (Europe): Friendliest European city break destinations 2023

The study by travel experts Bounce has ranked popular cities in Europe using the World Happiness Report to determine the happiest European cities. The study also analyzed factors such as crime rate and LGBTQ+ friendliness (where Berlin ranks 4th) to determine the friendliest city destinations in Europe.

# 11 (World): Most liveable city 2023

Monocle lists the German capital as the 11th most liveable city in the world in "The Monocle Quality of Life Survey 2023 rankings" under the heading "Berlin - Artful and enviable". Berlin is described as "A mecca for start-ups and creatives" and has improved by two places compared to the previous year, overtaking Paris, London and New York.

# 17 (World): The Global Liveability Index 2023

According to the Economist, Berlin is one of the 17 most liveable cities in the world. The factors assessed for the index were stability, healthcare, education, infrastructure, culture and the environment. 

City brands

# 15 (World): Cities in the City Brand Barometer 2023

Berlin ranks 15th internationally as a city brand: the City Brand Barometer 2023, which measures attractiveness and perception as a business location, shows that Berlin is one of the world's strongest city brands.


# 1 (World): Best public transport in the world 2024

Berlin has the best public transportation in the world - according to TimeOut magazine.

Platz 1 (Welt): Das größte Carsharing-Angebot

Berlin ist gemäß der Erhebung von Kantar die Stadt mit den weltweit meisten Sharing-Angeboten. Aktuell stehen in Berlin4.400 zugelassene Mietfahrzeuge zur Verfügung.
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# 11 (World): Most innovative cities in the world 2022/2023

According to the Innovation Cities Index 2022/2023, Berlin is one of the eleven most innovative cities in the world.