AugenAufBerlin – Open your eyes!

With our project #AugenAufBerlin we want to show that there are a variety of ideas and projects where Berliner and tourists can find together, to create a sustainable and livable city – for Berliner and visitors. The aim of #AugenAufBerlin is to open everyone’s eyes and to strengthen the consciousness for their self-responsibilty. #AugenAufBerlin wants to encourage thinking and debating about this topic and supporting the civil engagement.

Lots of people in Berlin take pains every day to make their city even more beautiful. They get actively involved – since only if everyone is prepared to take up their share of responsibility can Berlin successfully be beautified and attractive for all. The past years saw a significant role played by grass-roots activities focused on taking up individual responsibility to enhance the cityscape.

In 2015, live events encouraged local residents to get actively involved. Sets of wooden eyes were attached to that old rusty bike locked to the next lamppost, a broken park bench or litter thoughtlessly left lying around – and suddenly these forgotten objects seemed like little works of art. The photos to immortalise the scene were quickly uploaded with #AugenAufBerlin and shared on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. After the action days, the wooden eyes were removed again.

In 2016, #AugenAufBerlin also addressed school pupils, with secondary schools in Berlin able to order a free starter kit for their own projects. The starter kit comprised sets of wooden eyes, and information material on the campaign. Using the pairs of wooden eyes, the school pupils were to raise awareness for the need to look after urban environments as well as create their own little art works to decorate Berlin locations – whether as a part of their lessons or a project day, or on a school day out.

We´re on Facebook

Facebook-Seite AugenaufBerlin ©  visitBerlin, Foto: placeit

Since 2017, #AugenAufBerlin focus their work on the facebook page Augen Auf Berlin (in german) to concentrate on projects and themes, to get in contact with interested and engaged Berliners and to open their eyes. Be a part of this community.

Now also on Instagram

Since September 2019 we´re also keeping our eyes open on Instagram.

Share your pictures with us: #AugenAufBerlin.

#AugenAufBerlin supports iniatives and projects, which

  • increase the quality of life and the amenity value in Berlin
  • bring people together, who are committed to work voluntary
  • create an added value for Berlin
  • The financial aspect is not the dominant point The financial aspect is not the dominant point the financial aspect is not the dominant point