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We are your point of contact if you are interested in training, an internship or a job  with visitBerlin. In addition, we advise the Executive Management on all legal issues.


Dirk Arndt ©  visitBerlin

Dirk Arndt

Head of HR & Law Division

Johannes Arewa ©  visitBerlin

Johannes Arewa

HR Business Partner

Katja Ey ©  visitBerlin

Katja Ey

HR Administration Manager

Julia Kern ©  visitBerlin, Foto:

Julia Kern

HR Administration Manager

Valeria Romanazzi ©  visitBerlin

Valeria Romanazzi

HR Administration Manager

Jaqueline Krause ©  visitBerlin

Jaqueline Krause

Head of Legal Affairs

Christine Schiller ©  visitBerlin, Foto:
 Jasmin Zerbian  FOTO  Statusmeldung ©  visitBerlin