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Survey of Berlin residents

Berlin is popular all over the world – and 75 % of Berliners are proud of it!

Berlin’s residents have a positive take on their city’s popularity and the growing numbers of tourists. According to a representative visitBerlin population survey (2021), 82 % of Berliners enjoy living in their city. 75 % of Berliners are proud that people from all over the world visit their city. 72 % of those surveyed see major benefits for Berlin from tourism, such as tax revenues, jobs and the leisure and cultural offerings that are partly financed by tourism. 59 % of respondents believe that Berliners are good hosts and 54 % feel neither restricted nor disturbed by Berlin's guests. This representative survey was conducted in summer 2021 by Info GmbH on behalf of visitBerlin with a sample of 3,054 Berlin residents.

visitBerlin has conducted the population survey on the acceptance of tourism annually since 2012. Direct comparability with previous years has not been possible since 2018 due to changes in the survey methodology; in 2020, the survey was suspended due to the Corona pandemic.