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Promoting Berlin globally

After the fall of the Wall in 1989, Berlin needed to reinvent itself – and the result resonates with locals and visitors from around the world! As a tolerant, open city, Berlin attracts interested, talented people – a magnet for creatives, artists, designers and entrepreneurs. Many of them may first come to the city as tourists, stay longer – and finally make Berlin their home. Berlin is also an authentic historical location – a city with a vibrant love of freedom, yet a place that knows only too well what a lack of freedom means.

visitBerlin is responsible for globally promoting today’s Berlin around the world. We want to capture the special aura of our city and present the brand of Berlin – as a place of freedom, tolerance, openness and creativity, a place inspiring people across the globe.

Innovative formats - our marketing projects 2017

"Berlin. Bewegt" & "Endlich wieder. Berlin" (2021)

Paar auf der Oberbaumbrücke
Paar auf der Oberbaumbrücke

Berlins deutschlandweite Tourismuskampagnen zum lang ersehnten Neustart nach Corona. Mehr Informationen hier und hier

Die Kampagnenseiten:

Berlin. Auch das. (2020 & 2021)

Plakate der Berlin.Auch das-Kampagne
Plakate der Berlin.Auch das-Kampagne

Berlin. Auch das.“ richtet sich in erster Linie an Reisende aus Deutschland und angrenzenden Ländern, die aufgrund der Corona-Krise Urlaub im eigenen Land bzw. Nachbarland machen möchten. Mit dieser Marketinginitiative von visitBerlin soll deutlich gemacht werden, dass gerade die Großstadt Berlin ideal für eine Reise ist, da Urbanität und Naturverbundenheit sich hier nicht ausschließen, sondern eine perfekte Symbiose eingehen. Die Stadt lockt in ihren insgesamt zwölf Bezirken unterschiedlichster Charakteristika mit Natur und Kultur, Genuss und Zeitgeist.

Initiative zum Einhalten der Corona-Regeln (2020)


Mit Berliner Schnauze und humorvollen Motiven werben wir in der Stadt und vor allem bei Besuchern von Bars, Cafés und Restaurants für die Einhaltung der Pandemie-Maßnahmen wie die Pflicht zum Tragen einer Mund-Nasen-Bedeckung und zum Abstandhalten.

Motive, Starter-Kit und Details zur Initiative auf

BERLIN 365/24

visitBerlin positions Germany’s capital city as an attractive world city – promoting it since 2016 with its international campaign „BERLIN 365/24“. This succinct claim captures the essence of Berlin’s image around the world. Whatever the season, Berlin offers the best in cultural activities across the spectrum, high-end shopping and products, science and scholarship, and the best in lifestyles – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

This is a happening city, every day of the year, any time of day or night – Berlin is 365/24. Art weeks, fashion weeks, theatre weeks, music weeks – the city is bursting with innovative ideas, creativity and inspiration. Berlin boasts a sparking array of highlights, entertainment and culture – every day. The city’s museum landscape is fascinatingly diverse. Concert halls and three opera houses offer a wealth of music to enjoy in the evening, while Berlin’s nightlife gets into gear after midnight in the city’s innumerable clubs. Large theatres and small stages offer a varied and unique programme. And whether your idea of fun is sports, an underwater world or a chamber of horrors, in Berlin you can enjoy them all. Berlin – more of the world in one place than anywhere else!

Leisure tourism for Berlin

Active in over 50 international markets, we sustainably promote Germany’s capital city as a must-see destination. In our activities, we differentiate between developing and maintaining markets – the two key aspects in our on-going promotion of Berlin around the world.

Experts in themed marketing

Accessible Berlin

 visitBerlin is fully committed to developing accessible tourism. Its dedicated support for the “Tourism for All” project is evident both on the political level as well as in its creation of concrete services, including an accessible route through Berlin and an accessibility app.
Under the “Development and marketing of accessible facilities and services within the meaning of Tourism for All in Germany” project conducted by the German Seminar for Tourism (DSFT) and NatKo (the National Coordination Office for Tourism for All), a total of 12 visitBerlin employees have been certified as qualified assessors. In this role, they conduct on-site inspections of partner hotels, the Berlin Tourist Info Centers, sightseeing boats, cultural institutions, venues and sites as well as other tourist services. They then prepare their data and findings which form the basis for awarding accessible quality marks.

LGBT tourism for Berlin

Berlin is renowned as an open and tolerant city. visitBerlin and the pink pillow Berlin Collection work together to address LGBT* visitors. visitBerlin promotes Berlin as one of the world’s leading gay travel destinations, and organises marketing activities during the ITB, at the Lesbian and Gay City Festival, and during Berlin Pride Week.

School trips to Berlin

Teachers organising class trips are an important target group for Berlin. But since no one can speak as eloquently for Berlin as the city itself, visitBerlin regularly invites teachers from across Germany and other European countries to experience the German capital city at first hand.

Families welcome

Berlin has a wide range of family friendly hotels with exclusive offers for tomorrow’s generation of Berlin visitors (and their parents!). visitBerlin showcases Berlin for families on the dedicated website, and publishes a flyer with family friendly offers.

Biking in Berlin

For years now, cycling tours have been a growing sector in the German tourist market. Berlin is also an attractive location for cyclists, with 45 cycling friendly hotels specifically catering to bike tourists. visitBerlin is also increasingly focusing activities in this area and has already developed 50 different cycling tours through Berlin’s neighbourhoods.

Medical Berlin

Since 2010 visitBerlin takes care of Berlin as a medical destination and already established several cooperations with medical providers, hotels and partners engaged in medical tourism. The regional focus is put on the Russian, Arabic and Chinese markets. Since 2016 the initiative “Berlin Health Excellence” is supported by the Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises. 2017 our detailed multilingual website was launched:


Weitere Infos zu den Marketingsäulen und den Projekten im Jahr 2021 hier.

Promoting meetings and congresses in Berlin

We support Berlin as a convention location by promoting the city to organisers of meetings, corporate events, congresses and incentives. Our aim is to secure long-term growth in international and national congresses, meetings and events. Over time, this will also lead to increasing hotel occupancy rates.
Since 2001, the Berlin Convention Office has been providing expert support for organising congresses, conferences, meetings and incentives in Berlin. Customers benefit from our team’s expertise and experience, free, impartial advice and booking of room contingents in hotels, as well as our national and international network of contacts.